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When I try to open a PDF it shows a "Please wait..." message that never goes away

There are different solutions to this problem:

  1. Your computer may attempt to open the PDF form in your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) To override this, go to the “My Downloads” folder and right-click on the file (IRBApplicationNew). Then select either “Open with Adobe Acrobat” or “Open with Adobe Acrobat”.

    a. Mac users: Right-clicking is not always an automatic setting. To simulate this, press and hold the Control (ctr) key while you click the mouse button.

  2. Make sure that you are viewing the document in Adobe Reader or Acrobat, not Preview. Download Adobe Reader

  3. Change your web browser's standard PDF viewer to Adobe Reader/Acrobat. View instructions

This error message is caused by PDF files with fillable forms. Fillable forms are not supported by most web browsers (Chrome and Firefox).

The website doesn't look/work right on my mobile device

We have recently transitioned to a mobile-friendly website design, and some aspects may not yet be fully functional. If you experience difficulties in viewing the website on your mobile device, please email us at to inform us of the nature of the problem.