Registration and Tutorials

1. Set up an Ethics Core account Here
- After registering and clicking on the link you were emailed, login with your new account.

2. On the top navbar, move your mouse over "MEMBERS" and click on "Groups".
- About midscreen is the "Find a Group" search-bar, use it to search for "Brigham Young University".
- Click on "Brigham Young University" (should be the only result).
- Click "Join Group".

3. You can now access the training modules!
- On the top navbar, move your mouse over "RCR MODULES FROM CMDITR" and click on "Preview Tutorials".
- Now you can just proceed through the tutorials. Save and return as you need.

Note that you have 3 months from your time of hire to complete the 3 modules. Failure to do so may affect your pay.
If you have any questions you may contact the Office of Research & Creative Activities at A-285 ASB, or by phone at (801) 422-3841, or by email at