ORCA Faculty Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops for faculty to help them to better navigate the process of applying for funding. Please contact the ORCA office to schedule.

PDF Logo Workshop #1: Finding Funding

    Come discover the various funding databases accessible through BYU. Learn how to identify funding opportunities and initiating a proposal.

PDF Logo Workshop #2: Grant Writing

    Learn to identify and lay the groundwork for a proposal while avoiding common proposal preparation errors. Develop the correct writing style for research proposals and good budgeting basics.

PDF Logo Workshop #3: Proposal Preparation

    Learn the process of developing a proposal including: budget creation, boilerplate forms, and writing. Also includes information on BYU Central Administration policies and the role of ORCA.

PDF Logo Workshop #4: Grants.gov

    Learn the process of preparing a proposal and applying for funding opportunities through Grants.gov for all potential federal government sponsors except the National Science Foundation.

PDF Logo Workshop #5: NSF's FastLane

    Learn how to prepare a proposal and apply for funding through the National Science Foundation's FastLane proposal submission system.

PDF Logo Workshop #6: Post-Award

    Understand the rules and regulations affecting BYU awards. Learn what you can and can't do. Also includes an introduction to Grants & Contracts Accounting and Technology Transfer Offices.

PDF Logo Writing Successful Grants Exercises