Final Report Guidelines


Final reports are due two years after awards are distributed. (Ex: Final reports for Fall 2014 applicants, who received their awards January 2015, are due in December 2016.)

Faculty with overdue final reports may not receive a new MEG Grant until their final report has been submitted.


The report may include materials proposed for publication in a journal or to a sponsoring agency. It may be as brief as two pages but must cover the following:


Final reports are submitted via the ORCA/MEG system. Follow the steps below to submit it:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your BYU NetID and password
  3. Click on the "View your Previous Proposals" link
  4. In the table, find the proposal you are submitting a final report for and click the "Submit Final Report" link in the Final Report column

We also recommend that you submit a copy to your department chair and college for their records.


All MEG Grant final reports are published in the Journal of Undergraduate Research, which is available at Please notify us if your report contains proprietary information or if the report needs to be embargoed pending publication.