Submitting Qualtrics Surveys

When submitting a Qualtrics survey to the IRB as part of an IRB application, it is required that you save the survey as a PDF document:

  1. Sign into your Qualtrics account and select the appropriate survey.
  2. Hit Ctrl + P (Command + P on a Mac) to open the print dialog box. It will provide a print preview of the survey. Confirm that this preview includes the entirety of the survey.
    • Chrome: From the "Destination" menu where you select the printer choose "Save as PDF".
    • Safari: In the lower left corner of the dialog box, click the arrow in the drop-down menu and select "PDF".
    • Firefox: On a Mac, follow the same instructions as for Safari. On a Windows PC, select "Adobe PDF" from the drop-down. If that is not an option, use a different browser.
    • Internet Explorer: Near the top of the dialog box, click "Adobe PDF". If that is not an option, use a different browser.
  3. Click "Print". It will open a "save PDF file as" box. Choose where to save it and what to call it.

*NOTE* - For various reasons, the "PDF" option may not appear. If that is the case, try using a different browser, or using an on-campus Windows PC computer station.