Submit Application

Pre-Submission Checklist

Note: This checklist cannot be submitted. It is for your personal use to ensure that your IRB application is complete. This is the same checklist the IRB Secretary will go through when initially checking your application.

All contact information is complete and correct.
The principal investigator is a tenured or tenure-track faculty member. Students, either graduate or undergraduate, may be listed as co-investigators.
Principal investigator has signed the application
If consent is not a full-length consent document requiring a signature, a Request for Waiver/Modification of Consent has been attached.
All subject recruitment methods are listed
All consent documents have been included.
All researchers listed on the project must complete CITI training and include their CITI username in Item 3.
All surveys, questionnaires, information sheets, etc. are included


Faculty or staff may submit protocols to the IRB via email using an official BYU email account (i.e. Please send protocol to the IRB Secretary at