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PDF Logo Application for the Use of Human Subjects
PDF Logo Biosketch Form (to be used with the new application)
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Consent Form Templates

Word Logo Standard Consent Form
Word Logo Implied Consent (Minimal Risk Surveys)
Word Logo Consent Statement for Exempt Research
Word Logo Focus Group Consent Language
Word Logo Telephone Survey Script

Parental Permission Forms

Word Logo Parental/Guardian Permission for a Minor

Child/Youth Assent Forms

Word Logo Child Assent 7-14
Word Logo Youth Assent 15-17


PDF Logo Request for Waiver or Modification of Consent
PDF Logo Amendment/Modification of Research Form

Renewal Forms

Word Logo Continuing Review Memo

Release Forms

Word Logo Photo Release Form
Word Logo Video Release Form


Word Logo Institutional Approval

If there are any problems with the administration of the research, please contact within 48 hours of the incident:

Sandee Aina
(801) 422-1461

Word Logo Adverse Event Report