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Parts A, B, C, and D

General applicant information, research study synopsis, approval signatures, and summary of research proposal
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    PDF Logo Biosketch Form

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Part E

Consent documents, scripts for oral consents
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    Word Logo Implied Consent (Minimal Risk Surveys)
    Word Logo Consent Statement for Exempt Research
    Word Logo Focus Group Consent Language
    Word Logo Parental/Guardian Permission for a Minor
    Word Logo Child Assent 7-14
    Word Logo Youth Assent 15-17
    PDF Logo Request for Waiver or Modification of Consent

Part F

Any and all questionnaires, surveys, interview questions, discussion questions

For instructions on submitting qualtrics surveys, please see this instruction page.

Part G

Biosketches of all Research Personnel (each Biosketch should be no longer than 2 pages)
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Part H

Any and all other supporting documents (i.e. letters of support from other institutions/universities, grant applications, curriculum vitae)
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    Word Logo Institutional Approval
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Adverse Event Report

Investigators are required to report Serious or Significant and Related to the Research Adverse Events to the Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects when discovered during the course of the research and/or no later than 5 days after their occurrence.
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Criteria for IRB Approval

This is only a cursory overview. Please familiarize yourself with the regulations:
45 CFR 46.111 (a)(1i) & (a)(2)