ORCA Grant

Reach beyond the classroom

The Office of Research & Creative Activities sponsors an annual grant program to facilitate undergraduate work with faculty on research, field studies, or creative projects. All ORCA Grant recipients must work with a faculty mentor from Brigham Young University. Each ORCA recipients will receive $1,500 and his or her mentor will receive an additional $300.

ORCA Grants reimburse students for their time, supplies, and/or other expenses involved with conducting an academic project. The grant provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to work with professors outside of the classroom and promote mentored learning that can enrich students' undergraduate experience.

Students may either design their own project or work on a professor’s ongoing research, but all ORCA students must work with a faculty mentor. Some students approach faculty with their own ideas, while others receive ORCA Grants for work they are already doing as a research assistant. Students should initiate the mentoring relationship by asking a faculty member to advise them on a project. It is suggested to take a class or two from the professor, if possible.

The student must write his or her own ORCA Grant Proposal Document, though the faculty mentor should review and advise throughout its preparation. Once the grant is awarded, the student should meet regularly with the mentor to go over the progress of the project and receive advice and help.